Deacons News February 2023

Deacons News February 2023

What is a deacon's role in a Baptist church?

Whereas the Bible charges elders with the tasks of teaching and leading the church, deacons' role is more service-oriented. That is, they are to care for the physical or temporal concerns of the church. By handling such matters, deacons free up the elders to focus on shepherding the spiritual needs of the congregation


What makes a good deacon?

Effective deacons submit to leadership. Effective deacons continually develop their skills. Effective deacons take criticism well. Effective deacons study the Word.


Dear God of All Comfort, thank You for all that You have given me. I am so blessed to have Your mercy, grace, and love. As I continue the path of being a deacon in my church, I ask that You give me the words I need to help those who come to me.


Keep our Deacons in your daily prayers!