Returning to Sanctuary


Effective June 14th we will be returning to the Sanctuary. 
When we open the facilities, what will that look like? 

  1. Those who attend are asked to maintain social distancing by sitting on every other pew.We will have every other pew blocked off to help remind everyone of this safety measure.
  2. Instead of taking up an offering by passing of the plate, there will be an offering basket at the exit.
  3. We ask that everyone to enter the sanctuary from the two front double doors and exit at the end of the service through the side door in the Sunday school building.
  4. While there will be no nursery workers available during the service, the nursery room will be available for parents who need it.
  5. The hymnbooks will be removed from the pews for a temporary period of time.
  6. Instead of giving out bulletins, we ask that you carefully pay attention to the announcements that will be available to you on the screens in the sanctuary, Facebook, and church website.
  7. There will be no Sunday school until further notice but if you would like to have your Sunday school literature, feel free to receive it at the church office.
  8. Wednesday night services will remain available via livestream on Facebook.
  9. Committees will meet at their own discretion.
  10. In the event someone who attends is tested positive for COVID -19, we will temporarily suspend services indoors for 2 weeks and provide worship services through drive-in and livestream on Facebook.
            As we reopen the facilities for worship, we understand that some may not be comfortable in attending.  Each service will continue to be offered online through Facebook live so you can still join us for worship from home.  In the weeks to come you may hear that other churches are also starting back additional ministries such as Wednesday night services, choir practice, children’s ministries and etc.  While we are glad to learn from the models of other churches in our community, we must remember that we are responsible for doing what is right for our individual local body.  We also continue to pay attention to the guidelines provided by the NC Baptist Association.  If you would like a copy of these guidelines from the convention, please contact the church office. I understand there are many different viewpoints on how our church should handle these uncertain times.  At this time we must put our politics and our preferences aside and pray for wisdom on the way God would have us worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I am grateful that we are opening the church facilities not the church because the church was never closed.  My prayer for you and me is that whether the building is open or not that we will take advantage of the environment of worship available to us. 
The sanctuary will need to be cleaned and sanitized after each service.  Because cleaning supplies are limited in the stores, please take the opportunity to purchase these items as you see them for the church so we will be prepared.
            Finally, if you have any concerns or comments about the current decisions that have been made, feel free to contact me at any time.  I also would like to ask you to contact your family deacon or the deacon of the week which will be posted weekly on our bulletins.  It is very helpful to me as your pastor when you contact a deacon as well.  I am continuing my office hours and available to you for a visit in the office or your home if you are comfortable.  God bless you all as we continue to navigate the waters of these different times. 
In Christ,
Pastor Kestler Ruth