On behalf of the deacons, we hope this writing finds each one doing well!  We would like to personally thank each and everyone for the examples of cooperation and Love displayed as we work through this time of transition. It is such an encouragement to see acts of Christ's teaching being shown day by day. It is our belief that God will reveal His plan for us here at Cleveland as we seek to serve Him as opportunities arise. Listen as Christ calls, move when situations call for us to do good to others and always be willing to give an account of what Jesus has done and is doing in our lives.


   We also would like to offer thanks to the transition team as they continue to supply the pulpit! The guest pastors have been a blessing and we encourage everyone to invite a friend to come be a part of our times of worship.


  Lastly, please make known any needs that may arise within our church family or community. We are to be about the needs of others as we seek to serve the Lord. What better way to share Jesus than when we are able to meet people where they are in Life?


May God Richly Bless!


Cleveland First Baptist Church Deacons