Studying Through the Book of Revelation and James


We are moving forward one week at a time as a church family as we gather together more and more.  In addition to our morning worship services at 10:30am, Sunday school has resumed at 9:30am and Wednesday evening services have resumed in person at 7:00pm.  If you are still not comfortable attending one of the in-person services, I am thrilled for you to attend with us on Facebook Live.  However you choose to do it, please stay committed to being a part of the church family.

As I think about our Wednesday night adult Bible study, I hope you will be a part of our study through the book of James.  James is a book of the Bible that leaves little room for confusion for our daily application as followers of Jesus in the good times and bad times. James covers many different topics such as life’s trials, how we read and apply the Bible, our speech, and favoritism.  I hope you will make the effort to attend as much as you can for this special time.  Anyone who is able and willing is encouraged to wear a mask.  Don’t forget to involve your children in Wednesday night services as well! Children In Action is for our elementary school children and Mission Friends for our Pre-K children. 

Finally, I hope to see you here for Sunday mornings as we begin our study through the book of Revelation.  This study will take some time.  However, I believe as we move closer to a better knowledge of what Christ is going to do in the future, we will be blessed every service.  There is so many different ways we can be encouraged right now and need to be encouraged.  Why not look forward to the coming of Christ and study about it?  When I go on vacation, before we leave, I love to look online at all the different attractions and pictures of the place we are going.  The more I look, the more excited I get.  The book of Revelation is a free brochure in the Bible to tell us about the future so we can get excited and be productive for Jesus. 

Hannah and I love you all very much and look forward to the days ahead.



Pastor Kestler Ruth