Pastor Search Overview

I am grateful to be serving here with you fine people at Cleveland First Baptist church as your interim pastor. My wife Linda and I have enjoyed getting to meet and know many of you and to share with you in the work of the ministry. I meet monthly with your deacons and we pray together each Sunday morning before the worship service. I have also met with your church council as we plan the church calendar and update its activities. I have shared with both the deacons and the church council this outline which I now share with you as a process that will move the church toward calling a new pastor.


1. Call an Interim Pastor

2. Review and clarify the heritage, mission, leadership expectation, denominational resources, and future goals of Cleveland First Baptist church

3. Elect a pastor search committee in accordance with the church constitution and bylaws.

4. The pastor selection committee then conducts the search and recommends to the church a pastoral candidate to be voted upon by the church.

Upon approval of the pastoral candidate presented by the committee and elected by the vote of the church, the new pastor will begin his ministry and the interim pastoral ministry ceases.


This process will unfold over a period of time that could take more than a year to complete.


As the process unfolds please make it a matter of prayer that the Lord will guide you as a church family to seek his will and that He bring to you a pastor that will shepherd the flock of God under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 20:28).  


Until a new pastor is called it is my privilege to serve as your pastor and I do so with joy and  gratitude. The Lord has brought us together that we may serve him in faithfulness and reach this community for Christ. I am looking forward to the days ahead as we share in the work of the ministry.


Pastor Robert Jackson