A Prayer for Mothers

         Oh, Lord, we thank you for your wisdom that entrusted the care of the human race to the loving hands of a caring mother. We pray for those young women who desire motherhood, but in your Providence  that hope has not been realized. Give them your encouragement and strength and grace.

We ask your blessing for the young mothers today who care for the   unceasing demands of an infant around the clock, while feeding and changing and protecting and loving that child.

We pray for that mother who cares for the toddler that has busy hands and feet, touching everything and running to many places with no fear of     danger.

We pray for the moms of preschoolers as they are learning and growing so quickly Give patience and understanding when those preschoolers who ask 1000 questions every day expect mom to give the answer.

We pray for those moms of the elementary school age children who work with them daily, teaching them and helping them learn their lessons as well as learn to enjoy all the good things that come with the elementary school years.

We pray for the moms of middle school children especially as those   children, face peer pressure, and growing up challenges as their bodies change and develop from children into teenagers.

We pray for those mothers of high school students who have gained more independence and abilities, but still have many life lessons to learn and need so much of their mothers care in the midst of the busy coming and going schedules of the high school years.

We pray for the mothers of college age kids who face the pressures to succeed academically along with the financial demands that come from seeking higher education. We pray their needs will be met.

 We pray for those mothers whose children have now become young adults and are on their own. Please give comfort, and encouragement to that mother in the midst of the loneliness of the empty nest. Bring to her mind the                  encouragement of fond memories of childhood years that went by so quickly.

We pray for mothers, in their mature years, who are now showing the way to the next generation of mothers. May their years of wisdom and insight be passed on to the next generation so that they will raise up children in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.


Thank you, Lord for godly mothers.” a woman who fears the Lord

shall be praised “ (Proverbs 31:30)  Amen.


Pastor Robert Jackson